We know that GBM has experience doing events in different countries

Alejandro Silva, President of Renishaw Mexico, talks about his hopes for FITMA, the new show for the manufacturing industry that arrives in Mexico at a crucial time for the industry.


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Alejandro Silva, president of Renishaw Mexico, has been working in the metalworking industry in Mexico for more than 20 years and is convinced that a good marketing strategy and attendance at shows is key to positioning brands and being close to users. 

Alejandro Silva, President of Renishaw Mexico

FITMA provides a new show, starting in June 2021. We are very happy and looking forward to seeing the results of this new event. Renishaws expectations are great. At the same time, we know that Gardner Business Media has been doing events in different countries. In Mexico, there have been small- and medium-sized shows that have been established for many years. However, we think that an event of machinery technology and measuring equipment, which is what we handle, has great potential, says Silva.

Both his British parent company and the entire Renishaw Mexico team are motivated and enthusiastic about FITMA. Its not just about inviting customers to a normal show, as has usually been done, but ensuring that customers can find manufacturing solutions, solutions that can help make manufacturing processes efficient within different industries, such as automotive and aerospace. Something like the dynamics of shows like IMTS in Chicago or in other countries, such as the EMO in Europe, explains Silva.

We see that the potential in Mexico and Latin America is very great and we believe, given the population and the industry especially in Mexico the effects of FITMA in June 2021 will be positive, once interactions begin to normalize and the Federal Government begins to allow this type of event. I think it is going to be a boom. People are going to be looking at events to make up for all this time that we have been in these restrictions because of the pandemic. We believe that FITMA, with Gardner Business Medias organization, is going to be a very successful show.

After more than a year without attending any industry show in Mexico, Renishaw will present many of its most recognized products during FITMA. In all past exhibitions we have presented Renishaws solutions for industrial metrology and additive manufacturing, Silva says. For next year we are going to focus a lot on what we had already worked on last year, which is Industry 4.0. We are going to present new products, such as Renishaws offering for managing the interaction of all our products connected under the same interface through mobile devices, in which we can obtain data from these devices and make decisions off-site and on time. Among the products we will be showing in the CMM area is the Fringe Probe, a new Renishaw non-contact measurement system that can acquire thousands of pieces of data per second without marks and with the orientation and precision of a CMM. The Fringe Probe is how you connect all those peripherals and get that data that we are managing inside the cloud. So, at FITMA 2021 we are going to show you an overview of what is to come and Renishaws new software interface.

Here you can see the video with the full interview with Alejandro Silva.


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