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20/07/2020 | 2 MINUTOS DE LECTURA

Events such as MSC Expo are part of a much-needed economic revival program for the industry

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The National Coordinator of the Industry Supply Chain in Mexico (CAPIM) tells why Manufacturing Suply Chain Expo, an event that takes place at the same time as FITMA, is so important for the manufacturing industry in Mexico and Latin America.


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Why did CAPIM decide to participate in Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo (MSC Expo) and what will be its contributions to the event?

CAPIM and Gardner Business Media have a relationship of many years of work, based on trust and very close collaboration because the objectives of both companies are the same: to help companies in North America to get more markets and to stay up to date.

That good relationship generated the necessary confidence for CAPIM to participate as a co-organizer of MSC Expo. Business intelligence and development of business meetings are our main contribution to the event and, secondly, which is also important, the closeness we have with more than 12,000 supplier partners in Mexico.

How are the supply chains in Mexico, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, and what are the needs to strengthen them?

During the last few years, value chains have been consolidated, mainly in the automotive and aerospace industries, but we have to say that this consolidation has been taking place mainly because foreign companies have come to consolidate them.

That is, investments mainly from Europe and the United States have brought their operations and technological processes to Mexico, and that in turn has strengthened their value chain because they transfer that technology to their suppliers who may already be national. The advantage we will have now with the new free trade agreement, known as USMCA, especially for the automotive industry, is that the increase in regional content will increase from 60 to 75%.

For the automotive sector, this means that companies installed in the United States, Canada and Mexico will have to replace imports that currently come from Europe and Asia above 32 billion dollars a year. It is a million-dollar opportunity for companies installed in North America.

And the relevance that Mexican suppliers have is that, in the economy of scale, like our region, Mexico is the country with the lowest cost of operation and therefore is the country that can benefit most from these new purchases and events as MSC Expo, because what it does is precisely to link that offer with that purchase need.

How does an event like MSC Expo help the manufacturing industry in Mexico and the region, and how will it serve to strengthen the industry after the COVID-19 pandemic?

We hope that by the end of 2020 we will have a vaccine that will help us solve this problem of the pandemic, so that by June 2021, when the show will take place, the vaccine should have reached all of North America, which will give us the assurance of having a healthy and above all much more purposeful environment. Surely, the spirit of the industrial and business sector will be more eager to go out to promote and work, which will guarantee the success of MSC Expo.

Events such as MSC Expo are part of an economic reactivation program that is really necessary for the industrial sector, where in a single event there will be the opportunity to have the elements that are necessary for the reactivation process. The first of them: access to new markets. Second, the promotion and exhibition area. And third, direct business appointments. Another very important factor has to do with the conferences that will be presented during the event. Also, Gardner has the reach to ensure the attendance of industrial players from North and Latin America.


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