Cole Carbide Industries, Inc.

4930 S Lapeer Rd.
Orion Twp., MI 48359 US

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A Legacy Serving the Carbide Industry Through Four Generations In 1936 Oren S.

Cole Carbide Industries: Global Leader in Carbide Cutting Tool Solutions

Custom Cutting Tools and Carbide Inserts by Cole Engineered ProductsCole Engineered Products are custom cutting tools and wear parts crafted using diverse grades of tungsten carbide, ceramics, and cermets.

Millstar: An Industry Leader in Producing Carbide Mold Tooling and Carbide Cutting Tools

Millstar Profile Milling Tools represent the latest in profile and contour milling technology.

Indexa-V: Custom Indexable Tooling, Carbide Drill Systems and Precision Metal Cutting

Indexa-V custom manufactured self-locking/self-centering carbide drill systems are designed with a patented "V" seat to assure axial thrust direction through the center of the tool holder and provide greater stability, better size control and accurate cutting repeatability.

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Materiales Cerámicos para Herramental
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Cole Carbide Industries,Inc.
Cole Oil Gas Water
Millstar LLC.