“We want to see our customers in Mexico and Latin America again in person”

Markus Puntigam, Hermle’s Business Development Manager for Mexico and Central America, talks about his expectations of meeting his clients in a face-to-face event and the importance of industrial shows for the metalworking industry in the region. 


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Markus Puntigam arrived a year ago from Austria as Hermle’s manager for Mexico and Central America, and is excited about working in this constantly growing market. 

“We want to see our customers in Mexico, Central America and Latin America in person again, because with most of our customers we haven’t had much contact lately,” Puntigam says. “We do keep in touch via emails and webinars, but it’s not the same as talking to our customers in person.”

That is how FITMA, an upcoming manufacturing and machine tool exhibition aimed at the Latin American market, appears as the ideal scenario for companies like Hermle to approach the region’s metalworking machine shops and manufacturing plants.

“We would like to take up projects with our customers and hear how they have fared during this pandemic, what problems they have had and what strengths they have gained during this time,” Puntigam explains. “We would like to move forward on new projects with our clients.”

As for what Hermle will take to the Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City, Puntigam says they will present the advances of Hermle’s Mexican office as well as products the branch has specifically developed for the Latin American market.

“We have taken the last few months to restructure, advance and grow our structure in Mexico,” Puntigam says. “For many of our clients it will be a great surprise to see an even larger and more professional structure than what we already have established in Mexico.”

As for the company’s machines, he says “Hermle machines are characterized by the fact that the structure of our modified gantry, which we have already established for more than 20 years, is very thermally stable and precise. In this way, our customers can trust the precision and reliability of our machines. Our customers know that when they buy a Hermle machine, they have a machine that will serve them for 10, 15 or 20 years with the same precision as when they bought it.”

In Mexico, Hermle has many customers in the aerospace industry. “We are very strong in this segment, but in the future, we want to expand into other industries such as molds and dies – where we are very strong worldwide –  and work with local Mexican companies through our Performance Line products,” Puntigam says.

“We see a lot of potential for Hermle,” he continues. “There are customers who previously did not think they could invest in an Hermle machine because it was too expensive, but now we have ideal solutions for this group of customers. To all those interested – our friends, customers and potential customers – we cordially invite you to visit us at FITMA next year. We would love to meet you all!”

See the video below for the complete interview.