FITMA – The International Technology and Manufacturing Expo for Latin America

From June 22nd to 24th, 2021 in Mexico City, Gardner Business Media will present FITMA, a biennial technology and manufacturing exhibition dedicated to Latin America with the same reach and role of events such as IMTS, EMO and TIMTOS.


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FITMA promises to be the most important biennial technology and manufacturing exhibition for the Latin American region, bringing together leading manufacturers; OEMs; and suppliers of machinery, equipment and services to the metalworking sector in a world-class exhibition that will also feature a unique international conference program.


While 2021 will mark the debut of FITMA, the sponsors behind it have more than 90 years of international experience in marketing, research, editorial content and event production in the manufacturing sector. FITMA is presented by Modern Machine Shop Mexico and its parent company Gardner Business Media.

For many years, the global manufacturing market has required an international event in Latin America. The region’s lack of world-class exhibitions such as IMTS in the United States, EMO in Germany and Italy, JIMTOF in Japan, IMTEX in India, CIMT in China, SIMTOS in South Korea or TIMTOS in Taiwan represented the ideal context for Gardner Business Media executives to develop an event of this nature for Latin America, with a space for all Spanish-speaking countries.

FITMA’s mission is to develop a specialized exhibition for the international metalworking sector, connecting the global manufacturing supply chain with the rapidly growing industrial market of Latin America.

It represents a unique opportunity for OEMs and suppliers of state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, technology, and services to finally find a meeting point, networking and training as never before in this region. 

With an expanding population of nearly 640 million and a growing middle class and technical workforce, Latin America is positioned for stable growth and will require technology and services at a faster pace than other regions. With foreign investment in the region reaching close to $147 billion in 2018 and $4 billion of total machine tool consumption by the top 5 Latin American countries, the region’s economic outlook looks very positive for manufacturing.

Mexico and the Latin American region have needed a machine tool and manufacturing exhibition that can serve their needs. In the last 20 years, several events have been held in the sector, but each has only focused on specific and very regional geographic areas. For this reason, Gardner Business Media and Modern Machine Shop Mexico are launching an exhibition of machine tools and manufacturing technology in the style of the most recognized exhibitions in the world, such as IMTS and EMO Hanover.